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The 3 Most Important Things to Eat During Pregnancy

Top Things to Eat While Pregnant
During pregnancy it’s essential to eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients, both to keep you healthy and energised during a demanding time for your body, and to help your baby form vital organs and brain power. The following meal ideas within our blog incorporate those essential elements for good health, and are also delicious for those ladies suffering from food aversions.

Pregnancy meals should contain these all-important nutrients for you and baby:
  • Protein – the building block of life, it’s important to get at least 80g of protein each day to help form your developing baby.
  • Complex Carbohydrates – whole grains, fruits, and vegetables provide lots of fibre to not only carry the nutrients through your body but to help keep your digestive system, which can be finnicky during pregnancy, running smoothly  These foods also provide your body with the all-important vitamins and minerals needed for bone development, prevention of birth defects, prevention of anemia, provide energy, and even to ease morning sickness.
  • Healthy Fats (DHA and EPA) – make your baby smarter and help form their brain and eyes, reduce inflammation in your aching body, may prevent prenatal and post-partum depression, may help prevent pre-term labor and pre-eclampsia, increases breast milk production, and new studies even show that these fats may help lower allergies in infants.
  • Don’t forget to supplement with a high quality cod liver oil and prenatal vitamins to cover your bases.
Pregnant Foods to Eat 
For the busy mums with tight schedules, the best way to make sure you're eating healthy meals is to take 1 day a week for food prep. On Sundays, buy groceries, bring them home and prep the ingredients for recipes in high-quality food storage containers, so that they are ready for the week.
For example, if you're having chicken sandwiches for lunch everyday this week, you'd marinate your chicken in the fridge and chop up onions, capsicums, cucumbers, and tomatoes. After the chicken is marinated, grill it, slice it, and store everything in its own container in the fridge. That way, when you're ready to eat, you can simply throw everything together. If you're going to an office daily, I could easily put this sandwich together the night before or first thing in the morning. Breakfasts can also be prepped ahead, and entire dinners can be made and frozen.

It is important to seek professional health advice before commencing any diet or fitness plan.

Original Article written by Deanna Schober and appeared on Fit to Be Pregnant

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