FREE YOGA SESSION (International Yoga Day - 21 June 2018)

Free Yoga session to celebrate International Yoga Day (21 June 2018)


  • Aims to encourage women to exercise and stay healthy through pregnancy
  • Tune into the free live yoga session at 12:30pm AEST Thursday 21 June 2018
  • Event will be hosted on the MOVEMAMI Instagram page @movemami


MOVEMAMI Activewear and Tammy Shemesh (Body Love Matters) have partnered up and created a free prenatal and postnatal yoga event for women to celebrate International Yoga Day on Thursday 21 June, 2018.

The event aims to encourage women to stay active, healthy and positive throughout pregnancy.

MOVEMAMI Free Yoga Session Tammy Shemesh

This free event has been especially created so that all the Mummies out there can get active without having to travel with bump, babies and toddlers. One of the most common challenges we hear from mothers is having to travel with bumps, babies and toddlers - so we’re breaking down that barrier to get active by making things super simple!

Hop onto our Instagram page @movemami on the day, join the free yoga session and get a little bit of a workout in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you might be.


MOVEMAMI is a maternity label specialising in stylish, comfortable and supportive activewear to empower women through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia - the label works with mothers, health practitioners and maternity specialists from all over the World to create functional everyday simple nursing and maternity apparel.

BODY LOVE MATTERS. Tammy Shemesh is a certified yoga teacher, postnatal doula and nutritionist. Having trained extensively with Godfrey Devereux and Olivia Crooks in the Dynamic Yoga Training Method and Nadia Narain and Bliss Baby in prenatal yoga and womens yoga - she has now been teaching yoga for more than a decade.




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