MOVEMAMÍ 'SCULPT' Maternity Recovery Leggings - 3/4 Capris - Black Ink

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FIRM UP in our POST-NATAL LEGGINGS - Designed to shape and sculpt after giving birth to Bubba. #HelloPostBabyBod



Here at MOVEMAMÍ, we believe our Mothers deserve the best.

Our Maternity Recovery Sculpt leggings are perfect for your after-birth phase. Especially developed to help new mums recover with integrated postpartum tummy support. Our 360° integrated bellyband provides a light, yet functional sculpting foundation from your tummy down, assisting with your new regeneration and renewal after-birth phase.


You'll love:

  • the comfortable four-way stretchy technical fabric that is super soft on your skin and provides all the support you need for postpartum recovery;
  • the antibacterial fabric that is easy-to-clean and machine-washable;
  • the moisture-wicking fabric to quickly absorb and disperse any uncomfortable moisture;
  • the light sculpt around the belly, hips, butt and thighs - functional and aesthetic;
  • And it's stylish design means that you can simply roll down the belly band when you're ready.



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