Baby Cotton Bandana Bib

$ 12.95

Ultimate Outfit Protection For Drooling And Feeding Little Ones!

Babies are the most adorable but they sure drool a lot. Plus they're messy eaters too! Keeping their clothing clean the whole day is a never-ending challenge. Fortunately for you, we have the best solution, our Baby Cotton Bandana Bib! 

This Baby Cotton Bandana Bib is all the bib you need to keep your baby looking clean and great all day long. Trendy, fashion-forward, and functional, this bib has double layers so drool, formulas, and purees won't penetrate and ruin your baby's outfit. 

  • The bib comes in solid neutral colors that will complement any of your little one's OOTD!
  • Larger than most other dribble bibs, it's long enough to cover laps so the baby's clothes remain clean during feeds
  • The high-quality cotton material ensures this bib is gentle when wiping even the most sensitive baby skin.
  • The double-layer design offers ultimate protection to keep your baby's neck and outfit dry during feeding.
  • The design is trendy and chic so your baby's style is sure to be noticed!

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