Baby Elastic Bow Headbands

$ 29.95

Get Your Baby Camera Ready With These Adorable Headbands!

These cute Baby Elastic Bow Headbands will help give your little lovelies their own personal flair and style! Not only are they freaking adorable but they're also great for offering a little barrier between your child’s scalp and the elements. 

These Baby Elastic Bow Headbands come in a set of three with both prints and solids to match any of your baby's outfits. They are made from cotton, are super soft, and very breathable, making them incredibly comfortable for your baby. They have a wide band, so they stay on easily and won't leave marks on your little one's head.

  • Premium quality- Made from high-quality cotton + spandex, the headbands come in vibrant colors and prints that you can match with your baby's various outfits and hairstyles.
  • Breathable And Lightweight- The breathable and lightweight cotton material protects the baby's soft and sensitive skin and keeps it cool even in summer.
  • Won't Leave Marks- These are made out of cotton and elastic, so they’re comfortable and fit easily, without sliding around on your baby’s head or leaving any red marks.
  • One Size Fits Most Baby Heads- The headbands are made to be hand-stretched, so they will grow with your child. They fit newborns comfortably and will stretch enough that even older kids could potentially wear them!
  • Stylish And Adorable- The cute bow adds just enough style to make these headbands perfect for casual or dressy wear.


  • Material: Cotton, Nylon, Spandex
  • Quantity: 3Pcs/Set
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