JOY Colouring-In Coloring-In Nursing Sports Bra - Alpha Beta

$ 54.50 $ 89

Meet JOY - Australia's most stylish nursing sports bra.

Perfect for LOW-IMPACT Activities like Everyday MAMI'ing, Pilates, Yoga & Looking Gorgeous ('cause that comes naturally #obvs).. x

 MOVEMAMÍ is highly recommended by mothers and midwives around the world

Here at MOVEMAMÍ, we believe our Mothers deserve the best.

Supportive, comfortable and stylish - The wireless JOY breast-feeding sports bra is designed to support a mother's ever-changing body, both during and post-pregnancy.

The MOVEMAMÍ JOY nursing sports bra has been developed with extensive research with midwives and mothers, all over the World.

We created JOY for all the mothers out there that want a super stylish nursing bra with a back clip to help get in and out with the comfort and convenience that MOVEMAMÍ mothers expect.

MAMÍs can wear JOY as a super stylish casual top with a gorgeous X-back underneath singlets and oversized shirts.

This Limited Edition JOY Sports Bra comes blank like a colouring in book with a cute box of 7 colouring-in fabric markers. So, your first born can color it in and give you a sentimental gift, while learning the alphabet letters at the same time!


Once coloured in, the permanent color will take 3 full days (72 hours) to properly set - after this - it's ready to wash and wear!

Wash alone on a delicate cycle with a small amount of detergent

Any colour fading can be coloured in again with MOVEMAMI permanent fabric markers


You'll love:

  • that it's completely wireless, which helps to keep you and your child comfortable at all times and may assist in decreasing Mastitis;
  • the easy-to-use nursing click-clips that can be open and closed with one-hand while you're multi-tasking;
  • the easy-dress back-clip ensures that JOY glides over your body without friction over your sensitive skin;
  • the comfortable four-way stretchy technical fabric that is super soft on your skin and has all the support you will need to carry you through your nursing journey;
  • the antibacterial fabric that is easy-to-clean and machine-washable;
  • the moisture-wicking fabric to quickly absorb and disperse any uncomfortable moisture;
  • the fresh breathable mesh on the back of the bra to encourage air-flow and keep you cool, calm & collected;
  • And it's stylish design means that you can wear it even after you've stopped nursing.


A perfect addition to our MOVEMAMÍ nursing bras are our innovative BAMBOOB™ Breast Pads. ;)

MOVEMAMÍ are currently in the process of patenting the JOY nursing sports bra for it's innovative design.


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