SERENA Seamless Nursing Bra - French Cream

$ 44.50 $ 49

Meet the Seamless SERENA everyday nursing bra - Soft Silky Smooth - it's a MUST HAVE!

Perfect for LOW-IMPACT Activities like everyday MAMI'ing, Pilates, Yoga & Looking Gorgeous ('cause that comes naturally #obvs).. x

 MOVEMAMÍ is highly recommended by mothers and midwives around the world

Here at MOVEMAMÍ, we believe our Mothers deserve the best.

Silky smooth - Our seamless SERENA breast-feeding everyday bra is designed to soothe a mother's ever-changing body, both during and post-pregnancy.

The MOVEMAMÍ SERENA nursing bra has been developed with extensive research with midwives and mothers, all over the World.

We created SERENA for all the mothers out there that want a silky smooth and stylish everyday nursing bra with a back clip to wear all day long.

MAMÍs have told us that SERENA provides them with a soft light support throughout the day and night - with a smooth second-skin feeling that feels as if they're wearing nothing.

Perfect to wear.. all. day. long.


You'll love:

  • that it's completely wireless, which helps to keep you and your child comfortable at all times and may assist in decreasing Mastitis;
  • the easy-to-use nursing click-clips that can be open and closed with one-hand while you're multi-tasking;
  • the easy-dress back-clip ensures that SERENA glides over your body without friction over your sensitive skin;
  • the adjustable shoulder straps conforming over your delicate body;
  • the comfortable stretchy technical fabric that is super soft on your skin;
  • the easy-to-clean and machine-washable;
  • the moisture-wicking fabric to quickly absorb and disperse any uncomfortable moisture;
  • the fresh breathable fabric to encourage air-flow and keep you cool, calm & collected;
  • And it's stylish design means that you can wear it even after you've stopped nursing.


A perfect addition to our MOVEMAMÍ nursing bras are our innovative BAMBOOB™ Breast Pads. ;)



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