MEGAN GALE Gives Birth To Baby Girl ROSIE

Megan Gale Gives Birth To Baby Girl 
...In case you missed it MAMIs!
Our beautiful MAMI Megan Gale has given birth to a little bundle of joy!
Megan Gale Gives Birth To Baby Girl
“Hard to believe a week has passed since we welcomed our precious girl into the world and our lives. This photo was taken exactly a week ago while I was enjoying my first cuddle with her,” she wrote on her first post.
Huge congratulations are in order - especially considering how much this MAMI has gone through..... PostNatal Depression and Miscarriage had a HUGE impact.. and then our love had a nasty fall down the stairs while pregnant with her second baby (*EEEP!!!!)
So, when little sweetheart Rosie May Dee arrived healthily on 27th September 2017 2.39pm - we couldn't be more happy and relieved for this down-to-earth beauty.
Megan Gale Gives Birth To Baby Girl
"When you've been up all night raging with your best girlfriend. We haven't known each other that long but she parties way harder than me. I really tried to keep up with her but she's an absolute party animal, drinks non stop pretty much all night long and when she's had too much, she just does a huge vom and keeps going. What a machine! And just when most of us are pulling up stumps and ready to sleep, she just keeps on going. She also has this quirky little habit of pooing and weeing on my hands in the 30 second window that her nappy is off. What a little kidder!! Like most party animals though she crashes out during the day so I just have to sleep when I can get it. I'm determined to keep up with her though. ❤️🌹"
MAMI BEAR Megan Gale has been recovering and has been seen in MOVEMAMI Maternity Activewear.
Rosie May Dee is the perfect addition to their growing family and older brother River will have someone to take care of soon! x
Megan Gale's Growing Family
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