The World's First Colouring-In Nursing Sports Bra

MOVEMAMI - Colouring In Nursing Sports Bra - Media Release

MOVEMAMÍ Maternity presents

World's First Colouring-In Breastfeeding Sports Bra!

MOVEMAMI Maternity Activewear launches a World first this week, a beautiful and sentimental concept that has been especially designed for a mother expecting their second baby.

The brand is expanding on it’s popular maternity activewear line worn and loved by celebrities Megan Gale and Kendal-Lee Schuler and Instagram influencers Chontel Duncan, Emily Skye and Michelle Alan.

The two bestselling breastfeeding sports bra styles SHINE (for medium-high impact activities Jogging, HIIT and CrossFit) and JOY (for low-medium impact activities Yoga, Pilates and Walking) will be releasing two exciting new prints:



ALPHA BETA has the alphabet letters ready for children to colour-in and learn the alphabet!


HAY MAMI has cute cartoons ready for children to get creative colouring-in and explore things and colours!


This unique bonding experience has been especially designed for mothers, who want to help ease toddlers into sibling hood.


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