We've created a special MOVEMAMI Pregnancy Exercise Guide 🤰🏻
This Guide has been especially designed with approved moves by women's health and fitness specialists 👩🏼‍⚕️
Along with this Pregnancy Guide, you can also schedule in some cardio exercise. Some of the best and safest cardio exercises while pregnant include:


  • Swimming
  • Aqua aerobics
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Elliptical (Cross-trainers) + Stair climbers
  • Outdoor personal training sessions
  • Indoor cycling
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Barre


This guide is suitable for Trimester 1, Trimester 2 & Trimester 3 of pregnancy 💕


You can click to save + workout whenever whenever!  🤗


And share with all your pregnant Ladies - especially the ones who need a workout during this time! 👯‍♀️



Please seek medical advice from your doctor or health professional before commencing any fitness exercises.